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HILL schools learn to use research proven practices and data driven instruction to develop a dynamic Response To Intervention (RTI) for each child.   Results exhibited in these chart's are repeatable in all types of schools.  On average, school districts that work with HILL increase their literacy rates by 20 - 40%.

Chart: A HILL-supported Center of Excellence project in RI after year one.

Whole-School Transformation

photo_whole_school_transformationWe Take a Partnership Approach

The HILL does not sell curriculums or provide a "quick fix." We apply a holistic approach to develop processes that emphasize leadership development, accountability, training, coaching and ongoing evaluation.

Leading Literacy Change

photo_leading_literacy_changeWe wrote the book on Literacy Reform

This practical guide to systemic literacy transformation outlines the HILL Model, which guides Literacy Leaders as they develop the process, culture and skills to help all readers in their schools. 

Literacy Audit - Action Plan

icon_literacy_auditHIll conducts a comprehensive school-wide literacy analysis to identify a district's unique strengths and needs leading to a strategic action plan for literacy.Read More

Leading Literacy Change

icon_school_transformationHILL coaches leaders to drive literacy reform.  Superintendents, Principals, coaches and literacy specialists work as a team to develop processes that improve student outcomes.Read More

Essential Data Meeting Process

icon_educational_eventsHILL helps schools develop a sustainable process of transparent data analysis to drive intervention and instruction on a daily basis.Read More

A Roadmap for Literacy Change

icon_district_literacy_roadmapThe HILL Model is a proven multi-year process that changes the culture of schools.  Our science-based approach features a literacy roadmap, which any school can use to develop the processes and skills to reach every child and dramatically improve literacy rates. Read More

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