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The HILL Family

A.M. Chaffee School (Oxford, MA)
Abby Kelley Charter Public (Worcester, MA)
Academy Avenue Primary School (Weymouth, MA)
Acton-Boxborough Regional School District (MA)
Agawam Public Schools (MA)
Amesbury Public Schools (MA)
Andrew Avenue Elementary School (Naugatuck, CT)
Annie Fisher Montessori Magnet School (Hartford, CT)
Arlington Public Schools (MA)
Ashland Public Schools (MA)
Atherton Hough Elementary (Quincy, MA)
Augusta Lewis Troup School (New Haven, CT)
B. W. Tinker Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Bancroft Elementary School (Andover, MA)
Barack H. Obama Magnet University School (New Haven, CT)
Barnard Environmental Magnet School (New Haven, CT)
Barnum School (Bridgeport, CT)
Bartlett High School (Webster, MA)
Batchelder School (Hartford, CT)
Bates School (Salem, MA)
Beal Elementary School (Shrewsbury, MA)
Beechwood Knoll Elementary School (Quincy, MA)
Belmont Street School (Worcester, MA)
Belmonte STEAM Academy (Saugus, MA)
Benjamin Jepson Magnet School (New Haven, CT)
Bennington Elementary School (Bennington, VT)
Berkley Community School (Berkley, MA)
Bernazzani Elementary School (Quincy, MA)
Betances Learning Lab Magnet School (Hartford, CT)
Betances STEM Magnet School (Hartford, CT)
Bi-County Collaborative (Franklin, MA)
Bielefield Elementary School (Middletown, CT)
Bishop Woods School (New Haven, CT)
Blackham School (Bridgeport, CT)
Booker T. Washington Academy (New Haven, CT)
Bradley School (Derby, CT)
Breakthrough Magnet School (North) (Hartford, CT)
Breakthrough Magnet School (South) (Hartford, CT)
Brennan-Rogers Magnet School (New Haven, CT)
Brickett Elementary School (Lynn, MA)
Bridgeport Military Academy (Bridgeport, CT)
Brightwood Elementary (Springfield, MA)
Brockton Public Schools (MA)
Brookeside Elementary (Milford, MA)
Brooks Elementary School (Medford, MA)
Brookside Elementary School (Norwalk, CT)
Brophy Elementary School (Framingham, MA)
Buckland-Shelburne Elementary School (Shelburne Falls, MA)
Bucks Hill Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Bunker Hill Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Burke-Memorial Elementary (Medway, MA)
Burns Latino Studies Academy (Hartford, CT)
Burrell Elementary School (Foxborough, MA)
Calcutt Middle School (Central Falls, RI)
Callahan Elementary School (Lynn, MA)
Captain Hunt Preschool (Central Falls, RI)
Carlton Innovation (Salem, MA)
Carrington Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Carver Elementary School (Carver, MA)
Cedar Elementary School (Hanover , MA)
Celentano Biotech, Health, and Medical Magnet School (New Haven, CT)
Center/Pepin Elementary School (Easthampton , MA)
Central Elementary School (East Bridgewater, MA)
Central High School (Bridgeport, CT)
Cesar A. Batalla School (Bridgeport, CT)
Charles G. Taylor Elementary School (Foxborough, MA)
Charlton Street School (Southbridge, MA)
Classical Studies Academy (Bridgeport, CT)
Clifford H. Marshall Elementary School (Quincy, MA)
Clinton Avenue School (New Haven, CT)
Clinton Public Schools (MA)
Clyde F. Brown Elementary (Millis, MA)
Cobbet Elementary School (Lynn, MA)
Colchester Elementary School (Colchester, CT)
Cold Spring School (Belchertown, MA)
Cole School (Boxford, MA)
Collins Middle School (Salem, MA)
Colonial Park Elementary School (Stoneham, MA)
Colrain Central School (Colrain, MA)
Columbus Family Academy (New Haven, CT)
Columbus Magnet School (Norwalk, CT)
Columbus School (Bridgeport, CT)
Community Day Charter School – Gateway (Lawrence, MA)
Community Day Charter School – Prospect (Lawrence, MA)
Community Day Charter School – Webster (Lawrence, MA)
Conte/West Hills Magnet School (New Haven, CT)
Cranbury Elementary School (Norwalk, CT)
CREST Collaborative (Andover, MA)
Crocker Elementary School (Fitchburg, MA)
Crocker Farm Elementary (Amherst, MA)
Cunningham Elementary (Milton, MA)
Davis Academy for Arts & Design Innovation Magnet School (New Haven, CT)
Dedham Public Schools (MA)
Deer Run School (East Haven, CT)
Discovery Inter-District Magnet (Bridgeport, CT)
Douglas MacArthur Elementary School (Waltham, MA)
Dr. James H Naylor/CCSU Leadership Academy (Hartford, CT)
Dr. Michael D. Fox School (Hartford, CT)
Dr. Reginald Mayo Early Childhood School (New Haven, CT)
Drewicz Elementary School (Lynn, MA)
Driggs Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Duggan Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Dunbar Elementary School (Bridgeport, CT)
Dwight Bellizzi Dual Language Academy (Hartford, CT)
E. B. Kennelly School (Hartford, CT)
E. Ethel Little School (North Reading, MA)
Early Children Education Center (Springfield, MA)
East Hartford Public Schools (CT)
East Haven Academy (East Haven, CT)
East Meadow School (Granby, MA)
East Providence High School (East Providence, RI)
East Rock Community & Cultural Studies Magnet School (New Haven, CT)
Eastford Road School (Southbridge, MA)
Edgartown School (Edgartown, MA)
Edgewood Creative Thinking Through STEAM Magnet School (New Haven, CT)
Elizabeth G Lyons Elementary (Randolph, MA)
Ella Risk Elementary School (Central Falls, RI)
Elm City Montessori School (New Haven, CT)
Elm Street School (Gardner, MA)
Environmental Sciences Magnet School at Mary Hooker (Hartford, CT)
Expeditionary Learning Academy at Moylan School (ELAMS) (Hartford, CT)
F. J. Kingsbury Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Fair Haven School (New Haven, CT)
Fairchild – Aerospace/Hydrospace and Physical Science High School (Bridgeport, CT)
Fairchild – Biotechnology Research & Zoological Science (Bridgeport, CT)
Fairchild – The Information Technology & Software Engineering High School (Bridgeport, CT)
Ferrara School (East Haven, CT)
Ford Elementary School (Lynn, MA)
Fox Run Elementary School (Norwalk, CT)
Francis School (East Providence, RI)
Francis W Parker Elementary School (Quincy, MA)
Franklin Public Schools (MA)
Fred D. Wish Museum School (Hartford, CT)
Frederick C. Murphy Primary School (Weymouth , MA)
Fuller Meadow School (Middleton, MA)
George H. Mitchell Elementary School (Bridgewater, MA)
Geraldine Claytor Academy (Bridgeport, CT)
Geraldine Johnson Elementary (Bridgeport, CT)
German Gerena Community School (Springfield, MA)
Glenwood Elementary School (Springfield, MA)
Global Communications Academy (Hartford, CT)
Green Meadow Elementary (Maynard, MA)
Greenfield Public Schools (MA)
Greenfield Virtual (Ipswich, MA)
H. S. Chase Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Hadley Elementary School (Hadley, MA)
Hallen School (Bridgeport, CT)
Hamilton Wenham Regional School District (MA)
Hampden-Wilbraham Regional School District (MA)
Hartford Pre-K Magnet (Hartford, CT)
Hartford Pre-K Magnet at Burns School (Hartford, CT)
Hawlemont Regional Elementary School (Hawlemont, MA)
Hennessey School (East Providence, RI)
Henry Lord Community School (Fall River, MA)
Henry Whittemore Elementary School (Waltham, MA)
Heritage School (Charlton, MA)
High Horizons Magnet Academy (Bridgeport, CT)
Hill Central School (New Haven, CT)
Holyoke Public Schools (MA)
Hopeville Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Hopkinton Public Schools (MA)
Horace Mann Laboratory (Salem, MA)
Howe-Manning Elementary School (Middleton, MA)
Ingalls Elementary School (Lynn, MA)
J F Kennedy Elementary (Randolph, MA)
James F. Hennessey School (Lawrence, MA)
James Fitzgerald Elementary School (Waltham, MA)
James Tansey Elementary School (Fall River, MA)
Jefferson Science Magnet School (Norwalk, CT)
Jettie S. Tisdale School (Bridgeport, CT)
John Ashley School (West Springfield, MA)
John C. Daniels School of International Communication (New Haven, CT)
John F. Kennedy Elementary School (Boston, MA)
John G. Gilmartin Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
John J McGlynn Elementary School (Medford, MA)
John R. Fausey Elementary School (West Springfield, MA)
John S. Martinez Sea and Sky STEM School (New Haven, CT)
John Winthrop Elementary School (Bridgeport, CT)
Jonathan Reed Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Kendall Elementary School (Norwalk, CT)

Kent Heights School (East Providence, RI)
King/Robinson Interdistrict Magnet School (New Haven, CT)
L. W. Beecher Museum Magnet School of Arts & Sciences (New Haven, CT)
L.D. Batchelder School (North Reading, MA)
Lawrence Family Public Academy (Lawrence, MA)
Lawrence W. Pingree Primary School (Weymouth , MA)
Learning First Charter Public School (Worcester, MA)
Leeds Elementary School (Northampton, MA)
Leicester Public Schools (MA)
Lincoln Elementary School (Springfield, MA)
Lincoln-Bassett Community School (New Haven, CT)
Lincoln-Hancock Elementary School (Quincy, MA)
Longmeadow Public Schools (MA)
Lt. Job Lane Elementary School (Bedford, MA)
Luis Muñoz Marín Elementary School (Bridgeport, CT)
M.M. Generali Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Madison School (Bridgeport, CT)
Maloney Magnet Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Margaret L. Donovan Elementary School (Randolph, MA)
María C. Colón Sánchez Elementary (Hartford, CT)
Martin E Young Elementary (Randolph, MA)
Marvin Elementary School (Norwalk, CT)
Mauro-Sheridan Interdistrict Magnet School (New Haven, CT)
McAvinnue Elementary School (Lowell, MA)
McCarthy Elementary (Peabody, MA)
McGovern Elementary (Medway, MA)
McKay Arts Academy (Fitchburg, MA)
Medfield Public Schools (MA)
Medway Middle School (Medway, MA)
Memorial Elementary School (Burlington, MA)
Memorial Elementary School (Winchendon, MA)
Memorial School (Milford, MA)
Merrill School (Raynham, MA)
Merrymount Elementary School (Quincy, MA)
Middleton Public Schools (MA)
Milner Middle School (Hartford, CT)
Milton Fuller Roberts (Medford, MA)
Missituk Elementary School (Medford, MA)
Molly Stark Elementary School (Bennington, VT)
Momauguin School (East Haven, CT)
Montclair Elementary School (Quincy, MA)
Moreau Hall Elementary School (Easton, MA)
Mosier Elementary School (South Hadley, MA)
Mount Anthony Union Middle School (Bennington, VT)
Mount Greylock Regional School District (MA)
Multicultural Magnet School (Bridgeport, CT)
Nantucket Public Schools (MA)
Naramake Elementary School (Norwalk, CT)
Nathal Hale School (New Haven, CT)
New York City Public Schools (NY)
Newburyport Public Schools (MA)
Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School (Hartford, CT)
Norrback Avenue School (Worcester, MA)
North Adams Public Schools (MA)
North Andover Public Schools (MA)
North Grafton Elementary School (Grafton, MA)
Northeast Elementary School (Waltham, MA)
Northfield Elementary School (Northfield, MA)
Norwell Public Schools (MA)
Norwood Public Schools (MA)
Old Mill Pond (Palmer, MA)
Orlo Avenue School (East Providence, RI)
Overbrook School (East Haven, CT)
Park City Magnet School (Bridgeport, CT)
Parkville Community School (Hartford, CT)
Pawtucket School Department (RI)
Pelham Elementary (Pelham, MA)
Pentucket Lake Elementary School (Haverhill, MA)
Pentucket Regional School District (MA)
Plum Cove Elementary School (Gloucester, MA)
Powder Mill School (Southwick, MA)
Proctor Elementary School (Topsfield, MA)
Quabbin Regional School District (MA)
Quinnipiac Real World Math STEM School (New Haven, CT)
R.J. Kinsella Magnet School of Performing Arts (Hartford, CT)
Raíces Dual Language Academy (Central Falls, RI)
Ralph Talbot Primary School (Weymouth , MA)
Read Elementary School (Bridgeport, CT)
Regan Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Reingold Elementary School (Fitchburg, MA)
Roberto Clemente Leadership Academy (New Haven, CT)
Robin Hood Elementary School (Stoneham, MA)
Roosevelt School (Bridgeport, CT)
Ross Woodward Classical Studies Interdistrict Magnet School (New Haven, CT)
Rotella Interdistrict Magnet School (Waterbury, CT)
Rowayton Elementary School (Norwalk, CT)
RSU 40 Union Maine (ME)
S.A.N.D. School (Hartford, CT)
Salem Academy Charter (Salem, MA)
Salem Early Childhood (Salem, MA)
Salemwood School (Malden, MA)
Salisbury Public Schools (MA)
Saltonstall School (Salem, MA)
Samuel Watson Elementary School (Fall River, MA)
Sanborn Elementary School (Andover, MA)
Sanderson Academy (Ashfield, MA)
Sarah J. Rawson Elementary School (Hartford, CT)
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Magnet School at Annie Fisher (Hartford, CT)
Scituate Public Schools (MA)
Shoemaker Elementary (Lynn, MA)
Silver Lake Regional School District (MA)
Silver Spring School (East Providence, RI)
Silvermine Elementary School (Norwalk, CT)
Six-to-Six Magnet School (Bridgeport, CT)
Snug Harbor Elementary School (Quincy, MA)
South Elementary School (Stoneham, MA)
South Shore Charter Public School (Norwell, MA)
Southeast Elementary School (Mansfield, CT)
Southern Berkshire Regional School District (MA)
Spencer Borden Elementary School (Fall River, MA)
Spofford Pond School (Boxford, MA)
Sprague Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Springfield Public Day Elementary (Springfield, MA)
Squantum Elementary School (Quincy, MA)
State Street School (Waterbury, CT)
Steward Elementary School (Topsfield, MA)
Sudbury Public Schools (MA)
Sumner G. Whittier School (Everett, MA)
Swift River Elementary School (Belchertown, MA)
Szetela Early Childhood School (Chicopee, MA)
Tantasqua Regional/School Union 61 Districts (MA)
Tenney Grammar School (Methuen, MA)
Tewksbury Public Schools (MA)
The Manville School (Roxbury, MA)
Thomas A. Edison K8 School (Boston, MA)
Thomas Hooker School (Bridgeport, CT)
Thomas Prince School (Princeton, MA)
Thomas R Plympton Elementary School (Waltham, MA)
Thomas V. Nash Jr. Primary School (Weymouth, MA)
Thomas W. Hamilton Primary School (Weymouth, MA)
Toy Town Elementary School (Winchendon, MA)
Tracey Elementary School (Norwalk, CT)
Tracy Elementary School (Lynn, MA)
Truman School (New Haven, CT)
Trumbull (Ag & Bio Center) (Bridgeport, CT)
Tucker Elementary School (Milton, MA)
Tuttle School (East Haven, CT)
UP Academy Holland (Dorchester, MA)
Varnum Brook Elementary (Pepperell, MA)
Veterans Early Learning Center (Saugus, MA)
Veterans Memorial Elementary (Central Falls, RI)
Veterans Memorial Elementary School (Saugus, MA)
Vincent Igo Elementary (Foxborough, MA)
Waddington School (East Providence, RI)
Walsh Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Waltersville School (Bridgeport, CT)
Ware Public Schools (MA)
Warren Community Elementary (Quaboag, MA)
Washington Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Washington S.T.E.M. Elementary School (Lynn, MA)
Washington School (Springfield, MA)
Waterford Street School (Gardner, MA)
Watertown Public Schools (MA)
Wayland Public Schools (MA)
Webster Middle School (Webster, MA)
Wendell Cross Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Wessagusset Primary School (Weymouth, MA)
West Bridgewater Public Schools (MA)
West Brookfield Elementary (Quaboag, MA)
West Middle School (Hartford, CT)
West Parish School (Gloucester, MA)
West Rock Authors Academy (New Haven, CT)
West Street School (Southbridge, MA)
West Tatnuck Elementary School (Worcester, MA)
Wexler-Grant Community School (New Haven, CT)
Whiteknact School (East Providence, RI)
Whitman Hanson Regional School District (MA)
Wilbur Cross School (Bridgeport, CT)
William F. Stanley Elementary School (Waltham, MA)
William S. Greene Elementary School (Fall River, MA)
William Seach Primary School (Weymouth, MA)
Winchester Public Schools (MA)
Wire Village School (Spencer, MA)
Witchcraft Heights (Salem, MA)
Woburn Public Schools (MA)
Wolfpit Elementary School (Norwalk, CT)
Wollaston Elementary School (Quincy, MA)
Woodland Elementary School (Milford, MA)
Woodland School (Southwick, MA)
Woodrow Wilson Elementary School (Waterbury, CT)
Worthington Hooker Elementary School (New Haven, CT)

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