Science of Reading: Professional Learning Series for Rhode Island


Our virtual Science of Reading Professional Learning Series teaches critical components of literacy instruction for Grades K-2 & 3-5, integrating current research into each module and translating it into classroom application. Upon the culmination of this training, educators will be eligible for the Literacy/Dyslexia Endorsement. This professional development series meets the requirements of the Rhode Island Right to Read Act requiring specific educators to exhibit proficiency in the knowledge and practices of the Science of Reading and Structured Literacy.

The series consists of seventeen 3-hour facilitated, synchronous modules held via Zoom and continued learning through asynchronous materials and follow up activities via Google Classroom. These modules address questions such as:

  • What happens in the brain when we read? How can this understanding inform our instruction?
  • How is reading related to oral language?
  • What are high-leverage instructional routines that support reading acquisition?
  • What role does automaticity play in becoming a proficient reader?
  • What cognitive processes are involved in deeply understanding text?
  • How do we know we are using the right assessments to determine student need?
  • . . . and much more!

This course completely changed the way I teach reading and phonics.

Shea Hutchinson, Kindergarten Teacher, Fitchburg Public Schools


It can be challenging to know where to start and what to do with my readers who are below grade level.  This course has given me new, research-based strategies to help me better my instruction, especially for my struggling readers.

Lindsey Coen 3rd Grade Teacher, Fitchburg Public Schools


The approach to reading instruction as something that can be attacked on a scientific level has made something that felt very abstract feel and become more manageable.

John Gabordi 4th Grade Teacher, Fitchburg Public Schools


MODULE 1: The Brain and Reading

MODULE 2: Oral Language and Literacy

MODULE 3: Features of Effective Instruction

MODULE 4: The Power of Phonological Awareness

MODULE 5: Word Blending: A Hierarchy of Skills

MODULE 6: Spelling and Syllabication

MODULE 7: The Role of Automaticity

MODULE 8: Text Reading: What (with Whom), When and How

MODULE 9: Growing Vocabularies

MODULE 10: Building Comprehension

MODULE 11: Pulling it All Together

MODULE 12: Understanding Reading Disorders

MODULE 13: Phoneme Proficiency

MODULE 14: Word Learning

MODULE 15: Morphology

MODULE 16: The Brain and Reading Assessments

MODULE 17: Pulling it All Together Part 2

Training Overview

Excerpt from a Session

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