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December 20, 2021
Education | Literacy | Press Release
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HILL for Literacy and Momenta, two literacy organizations with a long track record of providing support around evidence-based practices to schools and districts, are combining their resources and expertise in a merger.

The HILL and Momenta both started in the early 2000s with similar philosophies and approaches to helping schools improve their teaching of literacy. Recently, the HILL has evolved by systematizing processes, expanding outside Massachusetts, building a reputation and network within education thought leaders, and bringing more services online. The Boards of the two organizations agree that a merger, with the HILL as the sole surviving entity, is the best way to harness their strengths and address the challenges to attaining sustainability.

Both organizations share a commitment to training schools in the science of literacy and how to use data to inform instruction and have a similar approach to professional development, planning and needs assessments, and in-school coaching. The merger will result in several advantages including increased effectiveness in improving literacy education for children through combining staff and methodologies and a greater efficiency on the administrative side, which will lead to improved sustainability and an overall reduction in cost per student impacted.

Barbara Gardner, one of the founders of Momenta, its former Executive Director, and current Board member said, “Momenta is delighted to be joining forces with the HILL to strengthen our ability to serve more students and expand our mission of empowering teachers and principals to expect high levels of achievement from all of their students. This partnership will be a win-win for schools and staff alike.”

Britt Ruhe, Momenta’s current Executive Director added “Combining the expertise and dedication of both the Momenta and HILL staff will result in a powerhouse team of master educators ready to assist schools at a time when they are faced with unprecedented challenges and opportunities.”

According to HILL Executive Director, Darci Burns, PhD, “We’re thrilled to be merging our organization with Momenta. We’ve been longtime colleagues and with missions so well-aligned, it only makes sense to work together rather than competitively. We look forward to dovetailing the complementary pieces of their process into the HILL’s to provide the most robust support possible for our schools and districts.”

Momenta’s mission is to change student’s lives and learning through partnerships that champion and empower teachers and principals. Momenta is committed to accelerating the achievement of all students and closing the gap for low-income and English language learners. With the support of Momenta’s targeted professional development and expert instructional and leadership coaching, schools embrace instruction that is differentiated to meet the needs of each student. This result is accelerated achievement for all students, and closing the gap for low-income and English language learners.

Since its founding in 2001, HILL for Literacy has worked with numerous schools and districts nationwide, helping them transform into efficient, systemic platforms for literacy excellence. The HILL starts at the top and builds leadership teams, provides a guided curriculum review process, trains teachers and reading personnel, introduces evaluation methodologies, and provides support throughout the process to ensure success. The HILL is dedicated to bringing its clients the best and latest in evidence-based literacy practices. As part of that commitment to research, the HILL partners with the some of the premier education research centers in the country including the University of Oregon’s Center on Teaching and Learning and the University of Connecticut’s Center for Behavioral Education & Research.